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10 things you are forced to remove from your Facebook page right away

Posted By: driss el amrani - June 23, 2018

10 things you have to delete from your Facebook page immediately

10 things you are forced to remove from your Facebook page right away
10 things you are forced to remove from your Facebook page right away

As most of us now know, Facebook and other social networks represent a serious risk to our privacy on the Web.
When analyzing the Cambridge scandal, where 87 million of Facebook users from all over the world got their personal information, we learned something that we can't (and should not) trust the network sites Social services for our information stay private Okay, soldier. Thank you, Zuckerberg.
Therefore, you should consider deleting the following information from your profile if you want to keep your Facebook account despite the consequences.

1. Your Birthday
If you have access to your birthday, it is easy for crooks to access your personal information and even your banking information.

2. Your phone number
Would you like all your Facebook friends (or people viewing your profile) to have your phone number? If not, remove it.

3. Photographs of young children
 "What kind of information do children want to see online later?", asked Victoria Nash, assistant director of the Oxford Internet Institute. And she's right. Children may not want their photos to appear on different social media pages.

4. When your child goes to school
According to a NSPCC report, the number of registered sex crimes has increased alarmingly over the past year.
 "The police registered 36,429 sex crimes against children in the UK in 2013/2014 ", says the report. "In England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, the police have recorded the greatest number of sexual offences against children in the last decade."
In short, do not facilitate the task of sexual offenders or potential captors to find their children.

5. Location Services
In 2015, TechCrunch reported that more than 500 million people have used Facebook only from their mobile phones. The same number could send your website to the Internet, which means that anyone, even those who pose a threat, might know where it is.

6. Your Director or CEO
Depending on your privacy settings, your boss can see everything he wrote in his timeline, including the times when he spoke badly about his work.

7. Do not label your location
People who know exactly where you are are not always the best idea. And when you mark your starting position, you enter your address.

8. When and where do you go on vacation?
It's an invitation to thieves. According to them, travelers who are deprived of their business during their holidays run the risk of not accepting their insurance claim after posting their vacation plans on their social networks.

9. Credit card information
It's pretty easy to understand, but you never want to share financial details on social networks.

10. Photos of your boarding pass
The bar code on your boarding pass could be used to find the personal information you provided to the airline.
The best advice is to keep the information private for you. If you don't yell at a random crowd on the street, don't do it online.

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