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Saturday, June 30, 2018

Facebook promises to do better to protect personal data

Posted By: driss el amrani - June 30, 2018

Facebook promises to do better to protect personal data

Facebook promises to do better to protect personal data

Facebook announced on Wednesday that it was taking "additional measures" to better protect the personal data of its users, a new attempt by the powerful social network to the two billion users to recover from the scandal Cambridge Analytica (CA).

"Our finding is that we need to make our privacy settings easier to understand, find and use," says Facebook on his blog.

"In addition to the announcements made last week by Mark Zuckerberg," Facebook boss, "we will take additional steps in the coming weeks to give more control over people's personal data," the network continues in a note, titled in its French version New tools to control your data with ease on Facebook.

"Most of these updates have been around for quite some time, and the events of the last few days only underscore their importance," says Facebook.

The network provides several examples of upcoming changes, including "a single menu to find and manage all of your privacy settings" and "simple tools to find, download, and delete your data."

Cambridge Analytica is accused of using the private data of 50 million Facebook users for political purposes.

A whistleblower, Christopher Wylie, said this week in an interview with several European newspapers that CA had played a "crucial role" in the vote for Brexit. She also reportedly weighed in the Republican Donald Trump's winning campaign in the United States.

These data were retrieved via a psychological test application downloaded by 270,000 users of the social network and developed especially by Aleksandr Kogan, who, according to Facebook, then misrepresented them to CA.

Recognizing that it did not live up to the "trust" of its users, Facebook said it ignored the fact that the data collected by CA was used for political purposes.

Playboy leaves Facebook

After a first apology, Mark Zuckerberg offered Sunday a full page of advertising in the Anglo-Saxon press to ask, again, sorry.

"We have a responsibility: to protect your data. If we do not succeed, we do not deserve them, "wrote the billionaire thirty-something.

Wasted effort. The storm does not subside: Facebook action, has lost nearly 18% in the stock market since the scandal broke.

And the avalanche of headlines has pushed many users to look at their personal data stored by Facebook, some discovering with amazement the range of detailed information kept in memory by the network: photos of course, but also private messages and contact.

Saying refuses to be an "accomplice" to private data leaks, the pioneer of the mainstream erotic media, Playboy, announced Wednesday that he left Facebook to protect the "more than 25 million admirers" consulting his official pages on the network. And to catch the passage criteria for publication on the network, too prude to him.

"Playboy has always defended individual freedoms and the celebration of sex. Today we are taking a new step in this fight, "the US group said.

"Not an error"

Facebook relies on "some of the most talented people in the industry," says Jennifer Grygiel, professor of communication at the American University of Syracuse, before concluding: "their old interface was not a mistake, it was designed like this" .

As for the changes announced, since the tools to protect the data "are obviously so important to users, one wonders why it had not been done earlier," she told AFP.

"Mark Zuckerberg has promised better privacy controls" in the coming weeks "eight years ago," University of North Carolina professor Zeynep Tufekci joked on Twitter. "This is not the first or the last broken promise," he said.

The European Commission and a British parliamentary committee summoned Mark Zuckerberg on Tuesday to explain this leak of data. But the boss of Facebook has for the moment delegate one of his deputies to testify in London, according to the group.

In the United States, however, it would be well decided to appear in person before the Congress for a hearing in the coming weeks, according to several US media.

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