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Facebook wants to allow you to put keywords in standby

Posted By: driss el amrani - June 29, 2018

Facebook wants to allow you to put keywords in standby

Facebook wants to allow you to put keywords in standby

The social network is currently testing a new feature that would avoid certain topics. Called "Snooze ", it allows you to pause themes, depending on the keywords chosen by the user.

In an article published on June 27th, TechCrunch reports that a user named Chris Messina has spotted a new feature, which is currently being tested by the social network. Last December, the social network officially unveiled a standby feature that allowed users to hide the posts of a friend for a period of 30 days. The keyword standby time is similar to the previous Facebook-deployed option.

Facebook wants your well-being

With the "Snooze keywords " feature, which could be translated as "put key words on hold", users can temporarily hide certain content. When the feature previously targeted the user's circle of friends, it is much wider. If the social network were to formalize it, then we could avoid falling on the spoiler of a series or on a subject considered prohibitive.

When TechCrunch inquired about Facebook, a spokesman for the company said that, for the time being at least, it was necessary to have access to a message in which was the keyword concerned. A point that seems paradoxical since it would mean that we have to meet a spoiler to avoid the following. Currently, the "Pause keywords in publication " option is available in this format, but it should be changed soon. Rather than offering a simple tool to disable and activate certain keywords, Facebook would prefer a 30-day period in the event, as the spokesperson explains, users would forget that they temporarily put a few terms in Waiting.

Facebook Unsplash

For several months, Facebook wants to reassure users about the sound aspect of its platform. If it were to be deployed, this feature could offer everyone a new way to customize the platform based on their affinities.

In the same way, Facebook now seeks to position itself as a platform whose tools leave the choice to the user. Regularly accused of promoting addictions to his social network, the company has recently introduced a new feature to combat the dependence of some users.

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