Sunday, July 22, 2018

6-inch skeleton mysterious found in Chile’s Atacama Desert has perplexed by researchers

Posted By: driss el amrani - July 22, 2018

Deep controversy over Atacama 'alien'

A mysterious 6-inch skeleton found in the Atacama Desert in Chile has puzzled researchers and the public since it was discovered 15 years ago.

With its small size and features that seem both human and somehow not, many have speculated that the abandoned mummy can have extraterrestrial origins.

According to a study published this year, the researchers performed a skeletal and genomic analysis of the remains, they concluded that ATA was in fact a human girl with genetic abnormalities, including accelerated bone age.

The research,  has encountered an instant backlash that many have questioned the results and ethics of the study itself.

A new effort by an international team of researchers is now questioning the work, claiming that genomic analyzes were unjustified and that the skeleton is in fact that of a fetus typically developing to the point of 15 weeks.

Most recent study according to new survey calls for even more research, citing concerns about both ethics and skeletal and genomic analyzes

The international team has divided previous research into a number of seemingly problematic issues surrounding the methods, and claims about skeletal age, development and associated mutations.

Adding to the ethical concerns, the researchers say that this is probably a case of miscarriage, and could be of recent past.

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