Wednesday, July 25, 2018

From today, Google Chrome is calling out insecure websites

Posted By: driss el amrani - July 25, 2018

Google Chrome 68 will alert you if you surf on an unsecured website

Check out the New in Chrome 68

Google Chrome will now alert you if you surf on a website considered unsecured. Since Chrome 68, the web browser will point finger sites that are still in HTTP and have not yet switched to HTTPS.
For several months, Google pushes website publishers to adopt HTTPS, a transmission protocol more secure than traditional HTTP. Unlike HTTP, the HTTPS makes it possible to encrypt the data that a surfer exchanges with the servers of the website he consults.

Google Chrome now reports insecure websites
To force the hand of the web editors, Google will pin the sites remained in HTTP as unsecured sites. For sites in HTTPS, a green padlock already appears next to the address bar. This notification informs a user that the data they exchange with the site they are viewing is fully encrypted. For users in full online banking transaction, this notification is reassuring.

If you surf on a site that is still in HTTP, Google Chrome will now show a red padlock and Not Safe in Gray. When you have to enter a password or fill out a form, the alert will even turn red. If you click on it, Chrome will tell you that "your connection to this website is not secure" and that "you should not enter sensitive information on this site because they may be stolen by hackers ".

For Google, this update is just a step. From Chrome 70, which will be deployed in autumn, Google will no longer specify that HTTPS sites are secure but will default to red if a site is always in HTTP.

Check out the New in Chrome 68.

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