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Monday, July 2, 2018

How to make money with Instagram?

Posted By: driss el amrani - July 02, 2018

6 tips to make money with Instagram

6 tips to make money with Instagram

Instagram is a very interesting marketing tool and probably the most promising of its generation. The perfect tool to make money if you are patient and adopt the right entrepreneurial techniques.

To do this, simply create a professional Instagram account and manage it appropriately as post quality content for example. Thus, you will be able to contact the professional sites and the brands of your choice. In return for a fee, you will create the content that they are looking for.

Instagram is above all the social network dedicated to photos. It is mostly influencers who see it as an opportunity to create direct links with their community. And while these links promote content, it's also a great way for them to earn income. I will recommend these few tips to earn maximum money via Instagram.

1. Create an attractive account
An attractive account relies mainly on the quality of its content, it is the only way to increase subscribers. For this, we must proceed step by step.

First, consider using a well descriptive username. Indeed, once your Instagram account is known, subscribers will refer to the name you have chosen as a user. This is why it must be easy to pronounce, memorize and unique. It must primarily represent the contents of your account. If you are an artist, your username must be credible.

Then add correct information in your biography. Your professional email, your usernames for social networks related to your business, the link to your site, your resume, your PayPal account, everything must be relevant. In addition, unlike your personal accounts, your business account must follow a well-defined theme depending on the nature of your business.

Moreover, for your account to interest visitors, it is necessary that the description of its content is well cared for. For example, work on the design of your photos using the filters offered by the site and other editing options.

I also advise you to post content several times a day. This implies that the influencer must always remain active on Instagram. Do not forget to read the comments, using comments or criticism to improve the content of your account according to the desires and requirements of your subscribers.

And finally, the content must be diverse, in other words, you should vary the content with your other social networks through a link.

2. Create a subscriber base
This step is to set a goal taking into account the theme of your account. Collaboration with brands requires at least 5,000 subscribers to follow your Instagram account. In doing so, it is necessary to use the good hashtags.

To touch certain categories of people, remember to put forward hashtags that follow. These symbols must fit your posts that match your photo. Also, like and comment the pictures of other accounts can capture new subscribers and gain visibility. It would be best to comment and love the photos of users that you want to see the content of your account.

In addition, the commitment of subscribers should be made as easily as possible by offering them to react or by asking for their opinion on the content. If your queries are attractive enough, your chance of winning new subscribers is very high. The best way to get visitors' attention is to ask them questions, their response would generate interest in your content.

Finally, I strongly advise against ignoring requests or complaints from your subscribers. It would be wiser to consider any remarks in order to satisfy them.
6 tips to make money with Instagram

3. Monetize your Instagram account with affiliation
Affiliation is the easiest way to monetize your Instagram account. The idea is simple, you will proceed to the promotion of a product or the service of a brand. Instead of offering a fixed price for a post, the remuneration will be based on the results generated by it. This technique is very common in blogs where products and services are presented.

Through an affiliate link, you will earn money every time someone places an order. To find an affiliate service, there are several sites, such as shareAsale, Amazon, Zanox or Stylinity, which allow you to get in touch with companies. These connect advertisers, wanting to be known at all costs, and publishers, who seek to monetize their audience. However, do not forget that you must first get their attention before

4. Sponsored posts
Sponsored posts from influencers are becoming more common on Instagram. The latter come in several forms namely: the presentation of a photo of a commonplace product, instastories or partnerships with a brand.

To make money, some "igers?" Can forge partnerships with companies and then publish sponsored content. Since 2017, Instagram has installed a new feature to ensure transparency of the advertising nature of the influencer's post. This informs about the business relationship that the influencer has with the brand, since it is illegal not to mention that the content is sponsored.

Whether it's a photo or a video, the relevant post will guarantee the promotion of the product or brand in question. And this publication contains links, hashtags or mentions with the purpose of allowing subscribers to interact with the post. This is how the brand can be known. And if the campaigns are effective for advertisers to increase their revenue, therefore, the influencer could be solicited on a regular basis.

How much can one earn ?

Your gain obviously depends on the popularity of your Instagram account. Of course, if you just start, you can earn a few tens of euros at most. On the other hand, if you manage a very well-tracked account, I do not even dare to imagine how much you will pocket, about several thousand euros. However, you have to pay attention to the negotiation. Generally, the proposal comes back to the mark, then you can try to ask more or associate this compromise with some conditions.
5. Sell your own products and services
Whatever your theme, beauty, nutrition, bodybuilding or NICT, Instagram will give you some visibility among Internet users interested in your topic. I will not miss such an opportunity to sell my products and services myself, without having to worry about promoting other company offers. To do this, many options are available to those who wish to sell their own products to its subscribers.

Amazon Handmade: Amazon charges a 12% commission on the amount of sales made. It is one of the largest marketplaces in the world.
Etsy: This is a site specialized in handmade creations. It has more competitive costs than Amazon Handmade.
Shopify: which allows you to quickly create your own online storefront.
6. Sell your Instagram photos
Make money with Instagram photos, it's possible, just sell them. Indeed, the latter allows your photography to enjoy a visibility without antecedent, especially if you have important subscribers. Whether you are an amateur or professional photographer, you could win a nice sum with your own shots. What's more, posting photos regularly enhances your photographic skills. The mastery of lighting, retouching and the depth of the field is accentuated over the days, even if it presents more and more qualitative images.

The best method is to insert a watermark in the photos and to indicate in the description the link to which it would be possible to generate sales. In addition, some agencies may be interested in your offer to use one of your creations to decorate an article or a page for example. Another opportunity may arise by responding to requests from your subscribers who want to order personalized photos. A perfect way to make them pay at a high price. Here are some sites where you can sell your Instagram photos:

Fotolia: this site offers 33% on the amounts produced by the sale of your photos
ShutterStock: This will allow you to earn between $ 0.25 and $ 1.88 for each sale
Foap: whose particularity is to offer you an application that will allow you to sell your own photos via your smartphone.
The advantage of this sales technique is that you do not need a large audience to find potential buyers. You can benefit from the visibility offered by these different platforms. Nevertheless, I advise you to always keep on your camera or your smartphone the original version of your photos.

Finally, selling your own account is also an option. However, if it is associated with you and you are used to appear on your posts, your subscribers may disappear if they do not see you on the new photos. Which could serve the buyer.

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