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Instagram may soon allow public accounts to delete followers

Posted By: driss el amrani - July 18, 2018

Instagram may soon allow public accounts to delete subscribers; 2-factor authentication for enhanced security

Instagram may soon allow public accounts to delete subscribers; 2-factor authentication for enhanced security

Nowadays, Instagram is turning its head with more security-driven features in its user interface. The social networking site for photo sharing is built to flaunt the photographic side of an individual. Everyone can see the photos shared on Instagram. The platform is fully public unless someone is stuck to see the messages and feed them or make the account private. This difficulty can now be overcome by an upcoming feature that removes followers rather than blocking them completely. Similarly, to ensure the security of the account that is easily violated by hacking, the phone is avoided by introducing a two-factor authentication system, similar to Facebook.

"Delete function":
With the new update, Instagram allows the user to have direct control over who can see the pictures posted. Manual removal of the tracker that we do not want our photos to view can be removed from the "Follow List" in just a few steps. In recent months, there is a continuous buzz on the removal of the follower function, which will be deployed to the public in a wider range, preferably starting with Android users. An anonymous Instagram manager has confirmed that the feature is being tested; However, the company has denied providing more details about this feature.

In addition, the functionality comes with good quality, which is pretty cool. It does not allow the deleted follower to be removed. This feature will be more preferred than the block option, as it seems a little less offensive. It also eliminates the choice of counting in a private account. People already see the Remove Follower option in their Insta application. You can check if the option has been updated by pressing the follower option from the clean profile page. If the feature is available, the user can find an icon with three vertical dots on the right side of the username. By pressing this icon once, a person is allowed to remove someone from the account.

Two-factor authentication:
According to the Tech Crunch, Instagram has released that the app is working to bring a more secure system. This news was announced just after the release of the motherboard on SIM piracy investigations. As announced by Instagram, the upcoming security option will allow you to authenticate through code-generating applications like Authy, Google Authenticator, and more.

Although the announcement of this security feature hit the media right after the release of the survey, it appears that the company has been working for some time on this feature. The extension of the security system beyond phone numbers was on Instagram's agenda, as evidenced by a tweet posted by an engineer who discovered a two-factor feature update in the APK code of Android.

Threat of data via a phone number
Previously, Instagram, like any other social network site, allows the user to retrieve the account or the connection of multiple devices via the phone number and to authenticate using the registered phone number when creating the an account. According to Motherboard, online hackers and high-tech thieves have begun to penetrate the user's virtual world by hacking the mobile phone number and using the details on a new SIM card.

This process has become easy to grasp by getting simple information such as the Social Security Number which is one of the myriad methods of data breaching, which is used to reassign a mobile phone number to the desired SIM card. Using your mobile number is like stealing all the little details that include all the personal data on Instagram.

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