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YouTube launches automatic detection tool for uploaded videos

Posted By: driss el amrani - July 13, 2018

YouTube launches auto-detect tool for returned videos

YouTube launches auto-detect tool for returned videos

YouTube may be poised to take a big step towards solving a long-standing irritation from creators: it's about to roll out a tool to identify stolen and republished videos from someone else.

After nearly a year of beta testing, YouTube's new copyright matching tool is expected to launch next week for creators of more than 100,000 subscribers. With the new system, after a user uploads a video - and YouTube checks it as the first version of the video - YouTube scans other downloaded videos on the service to see if any of them are the same ( or very similar).

When the Copyright Matchin tool finds a match, the video of the ID is displayed in a "Matches" tab of the tool. Creators can choose to do one of three things: nothing, give up the corresponding video; contact the other creator; or ask that YouTube delete the video. YouTube will review removal requests to ensure they comply with its copyright rules.

“We know how frustrating it is when your content is uploaded to other channels without your permission and how time consuming it can be to manually search for these re-uploads,” Fabio Magagna, who oversees the Copyright Match tool as product manager at YouTube. “We currently provide a number of ways for copyright owners to protect their work, but we’ve heard from creators that we should do more and we agree.”

YouTube has long since implemented an automated copyright marking system called Content ID. It also has a standard form for anyone wishing to file a copyright complaint. But the copyright comparison tool is different from the content ID because it is designed specifically for YouTube creators who have problems with unauthorized refills, according to Magagna. That said, he added that Copyright Match uses a similar matching technology used by Content ID.

YouTube encourages users to keep in mind that in some cases, reused or reused video clips may be considered fair use and therefore not a copyright infringement. In addition, according to YouTube, creators must not submit opt-outs for content they did not initially create or own, such as public domain content.

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