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Best Strategy Browser Games in 2018

Posted By: driss el amrani - September 09, 2018

Best strategy game in 2018

Top Strategy Browser Games in 2018
Top Strategy Browser Games in 2018

In recent months, no new projects have been launched in the strategy game market, in part because many developers are focusing on the development of successful and well-known mobile game releases.

Fortunately, despite the lack of novelty, there are still fun titles and millions of active users. That's why we're going to list some of the best free online strategy games from 2018.

Forge of Empires

One of the most beautiful browser games of all time, developed by a German company specializing in strategy games and characterized by the opportunity to progress through the ages. InnoGames has indeed been able to create a truly engaging experience, allowing you to start from the Stone Age and move forward into the future. From simple huts and tools, you can move to more and more advanced structures and technologies, to upgrading, funding research, and continuously transforming the gameplay. High quality graphics, animated and realistic. Play this free browser game.

Vikings: War of Clans

A strategy game developed by Plarium and inspired by Viking culture, where in the role of a Jarl, you can lead an army of warriors to conquer the world. With a large initial territory and a good amount of resources, it will be easy to build a large village full of expert buildings and craftsmen capable of making weapons, armor and all that is needed by the troops. There are many units to choose from, in addition to war machines such as triggerfish and catapults, each with unique features that can make a difference on the battlefield. Play this free browser game.


Another strategy game developed by InnoGames, this time fantastic and characterized by the presence of two different races to choose from: elves and humans. Depending on the faction, the appearance of the units and buildings changes, but as far as the gameplay is concerned, there are not many differences. Another interesting aspect of the game is the turn-based combat system, which makes it possible to compete against other players and AI enemies alike. All strictly in 3D, with a very colorful graphics and quality. Play this free browser game.

Throne: Kingdom at War

This strategy game developed by Plarium offers a gameplay almost identical to that of the Vikings: War of Clans, but differs in terms of units of armies and other artistic details. Instead of leading an army of Vikings in the role of a Jarl, you can lead a medieval kingdom and form classic units of that era. All in all, this is a quality game, a valuable alternative for fans of strategic titles. Play this free browser game.

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