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Guy Captures The Moment A River Cuts A New Channel To The Ocean

Posted By: driss el amrani - October 11, 2018

A man captures the moment when a river cuts a new channel to the ocean

A man captures the moment when a river cuts a new channel to the ocean
A man captures the moment when a river cuts a new channel to the ocean

"I noticed the river was very full, so I waited for around thirty minutes to see the spectacle unfold. I did not expect it to grow so fast into the raging torrent it became”, said the guy who filmed this wonderful moment on camera He captured an interesting natural phenomenon: the Mahlongwa River in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, crossing a bank and cutting a canal leading to the Indian Ocean. At the beginning of the video above, you can see the water of the river begin to flow on the sand. in the sea. The sand being sandy, the process proceeds rather quickly, the net becomes a precipitated torrent in a few minutes because of heavy rains, the river water has accumulated and caused an overflow in the ocean .

What begins with a calm and silent spill is quickly becoming a roaring body of water, stronger than the ocean. This totally natural breach begins slowly and passes through the sand. While the river flows regularly, we can see that it creates a deeper and deeper channel to get to the ocean. The good thing is that this huge amount of water will spill over into the ocean and will not cause any damage in the area. As the channel becomes wider and wider, more and more water passes through and secures its way to the ocean. As it moves on the sand, the speed increases and the amount of water is enormous. At one point he is so strong that he can sweep it all the way. As the river, carrying sand, empties into the ocean, one clearly sees the color change it causes. The river mingles with the huge expanse of seawater and can not be stopped. The river and the ocean are one and the view is very powerful. The sky, the ocean and the river merge into an immense expanse that is hard to imagine.

Long-term rainfall and an extended area can cause overflowing of major rivers. Water can cover huge areas. Downstream areas can be affected even when they have not rained much. Rainwater enters the river in many ways. Some rain will fall directly into the river, but that is not enough to raise the river. A large amount of rainwater will flow from the surface when the soil is saturated or hard. It will flow into small rivers that flow into the larger rivers and these rivers flow into larger rivers This way, all the rain that falls in a large area (watershed) collects in this very large river. When there is a lot of
In case of rain over a long period, we see the river progressively rise, because it is supplied with water by smaller rivers. It takes time for all the rainwater to reach the river, but once it reaches the river, it must flow downstream to the sea. The water is spread as much as possible in the water. lowest areas before climbing slowly. A breach is very dangerous for people living nearby. The force of water can carry cars, trees and even houses.

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