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How To Make Money Online Easily

Posted By: driss el amrani - October 28, 2018

Make Money From Home Is Easy

How To Make Money Online Easily
How To Make Money Online Easily

Today, I present to you 5 best freelancer missions sites. So think about building your project to start buying and selling for everything and anything!
Let's start with the first website.

1. freelancer

If you have a job to be done; but you do not have the means to launch your project to receive offers. you simply use the Freelancer website for
Simply post a task that you need to get done and receive competitive offers from freelancers in minutes.

Freelancer is a company founded by MATT BARRIE, an Australian businessman. The platform offers the opportunity to work (become freelance) or hire (become an employer) other freelancers or participate in competitions. in all areas such as copywriting, translation, logo and website design, SEO marketing, web development, various services, etc.

This platform welcomes a large number of participants as it creates a favorable environment for employers and job opportunities for researchers. therefore, it offers good security and sophisticated means of communication.

Freelancer also offers you the opportunity to sell your small services in any category of work and this one from $ 5.

You can apply for payment when you reach $ 30, which is a fixed minimum balance to withdraw money from the site.

Visit Freelancer

2. Fiverr

Presentation: is the world leader in micro-job sites for everything and anything!

It is a market of micro-jobs (small jobs), which brings together the supply and demand of people wishing to buy or sell services.

The principle is:
For $ 5 (hence the name, five, five, five), you can buy a concert (service) from someone who offers his skills.
This can be translation, marketing, business, social networking, advertising, logo design, writing your ebook, reviewing your ebook (famous stars on Amazon ;-), custom videos, a jingle, a person who will be your virtual assistant for 3 hours, proofreading articles, graphics, creation of mobile applications, trades of all kinds (referencing, sending traffic to your site?) Selling bitcoins, etc.
There is something for every taste and every need. This can be almost anything as long as it is legal and more or less consistent with good morals (we have the right to make a promotional video by a sexy girl who boasts your brand, for example).

Of course, if you have a talent, you can even submit your own concert for $ 5. $ 5, $ 1 Fiverr is paid and the rest is yours.
At Fiverr, everything goes through Paypal.

Finally, last important thing, when you are sponsoring a new person at Fiverr, this person (your friend) receives a free $ 5 concert; that is, the first use will be completely free. Beware, with this free concert, we still can not choose from all the available services (there are currently more than 3 million, costing between $ 5 and $ 500), but we still have a very wide choice to start.

By registering, you will of course offer your tour to concerts around the world and you will earn $ 4 with each purchase of one of your concerts for $ 5 (via paypal: yes, I already said, but I repeat it; )

In short, you will love this site and you will not be able to do without it.
Soon on Fiverr

By clicking on the "visit" at the top of this page, you will enjoy the $ 5 concert!

Visit Fiverr

3. Studypool

Studypool is a site where you can bid on a project to compete with other tutors. You can set the delivery time and the price offered at will. Once you are chosen as guardian, you have time to greet and do the work. Once the work is done and the customer is satisfied, you will be paid.

Studypool offers many types of payments, such as credit or debit cards and Paypal. Studypool has a mutual feedback system so that neither the guardian nor the client can suffer loss. If the tutor provides satisfactory work but the client does not send the money within three (3) business days, the money will be sent automatically. On the contrary, if the guardian provides a terrible job, the client can request a refund and Studypool's contact support will be the moderator.

I have scanned teacher accounts and new teachers on Studypool and none of them are a fraudster or a fake account. Studypool has an excellent feedback system to ensure the quality of the tutor and the client.

I myself made a lot of money here. You can earn up to $ 500 / week. Recommended and legitimate!

Visit Studypool

4. XBTFreelancer

XBTFreelancer is an online job site offering many paid job offers in bitcoins. These jobs are mainly related to software. If you have programming or computer skills, it is probably easier to earn Bitcoins here.

Visit XBTFreelancer

5. Hubstaff Talent

Independent directory (100% free), Hubstaff Talent works in the same way as Upwork, Guru and It facilitates remote work between freelancers and customers (business owners) by allowing them to connect and exchange jobs on their platform.

But the good news is that they will not charge any freelance commissions, whether for freelancers or business owners.

As a freelancer, you simply open a profile presenting your freelance talent with a good resume and you will begin to get prospect emails from potential customers.

Payment Process: They do not manage any payment gateway through them as they only act as a free directory source. As a freelancer, you work directly with the client.

Visit Hubstaff Talent

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