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Mumbai's suburban films shock a crush on the station

Posted By: driss el amrani - October 19, 2018

You thought your journey was bad. Until you see how these people go to work every day

Mumbai's suburban films shock a crush on the station

They are also among the most congested trains in the world and tourists traveling to India are advised not to take them during peak hours.

One day, there were so many people that even the same veteran, Prem Tiwari, 29, could not take the train. Instead, he took a shocking video of a crush that went viral.

Tiwari, a software engineer, has been taking trains for 15 years. Despite the long experience, the daily horror has not diminished.

He spends five hours a day on crowded trains to and from work. "It's so packed that people are crumbling against my belly and my chest ... It's getting hard to breathe," he says.

A bigger challenge is getting on and off the train during peak hours.

Nearly 4,500 passengers are caught on these trains at peak times, compared with a capacity of 1,700.

But in India, there are always ways to manage.

Tiwari usually takes the train in the opposite direction to reach the last stop and start the trip back. "The crowd would be much less present, I'll at least find a place to hold," he says.

Another common tactic is to run parallel to the train on the long platform and jump before it stops.

"It's a high-speed, risky pursuit. There is a chance of collision with power poles, "he says.

Overcrowding, heckling and high speed chases are perfect recipes for accidents. More than

Watch this viral video :

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