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Friday, July 16, 2021

Microsoft Edge 91.0.864.70

Posted By: Driss El Amrani - July 16, 2021

Download Microsoft Edge for Windows All OS

Download Microsoft Edge for Windows

 Microsoft Edge is a web browser developed by the American company Microsoft and incorporated into Windows 10 as an alternative to the popular Internet Explorer program that was included in most previous versions of Windows, although Microsoft has confirmed that Edge is a separate program. It is easy, fluid and close to the standards of modern browsers. Based on Chromium, Microsoft Edge is browser that has similar functionality to chrome, with a slightly different layout in settings.

The browser offers you several features, including a private browsing mode called “InPrivate” and tracking prevention to allow you to balance your privacy between “basic”, “normal use” and “strict”. From one to the other, tracking will be more authorized or mostly blocked and the advertisements more or less personalized.

Microsoft Edge allows you to download automatically any type of file (PDF, Documents, Applications, Images, Compressed files, Videos, Audio, Others) via the internet. you can also manage and synchronize passwords.

Microsoft Edge supports good alternatives to Microsoft Edge, including Chrome, which now shares the same base, and Firefox, whose recent versions are performing well again. you can synchronize between your different devices (macOS, Android or iOS) using your Microsoft account.

Microsoft Edge differs from “Explorer” by its lightness, speed and extreme simplicity. Built-in note-taking functionality in the browser, lets you use the stylus and then share notes and explanations, and browser support for drawing and writing directly on web pages via special pens for writing on touch screens, where notes can be written on web pages and sent to friends or colleagues via a Microsoft notes service that allows file sharing through its cloud service, “One Cloud”. And any user the page is shared with can view it through their browser, along with drawings and notes on it, where other users can edit and share their changes with others.

Cortana displays information about airline and hotel bookings, shipment tracking, weather conditions, and more. in the browser’s address bar, making it easy for you to track important information. Cortana also lets you control the new browser through voice commands such as “Make this my first page” and “Go to Facebook”

Unlike Internet Explorer, Edge is not a program that only works on a computer, but a universal application that is also compatible with tablets and smartphones, the browser is available in the Windows application store, which allows Microsoft send special updates faster and easier. Using Edge’s “reading mode” feature removes all advertisements and unimportant sections from a web page, thus allowing it to be read like a book page. Edge also support add-ons, such as the case of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

Title: Microsoft Edge 91.0.864.70
File name: MicrosoftEdgeSetup.exe
File size: 1.71 MB.
Supported OS: All Windows Versions
Languages: Multiple languages
License: Freeware.
Date added: July 15, 2021.
Author: Microsoft.
Category: Windows Apps, Web Browsers and Plugins, Browsers.

Download Microsoft Edge 91.0.864.70 Stable for Windows


Prtable 64 bit (.msi)

Prtable 32 bit (.msi)

For macOS

For iOS

For Android

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